Our underlying philosophy has remained steadfast from the start:   Location should be no barrier to proper insurance coverage

The Unilife group was formed in 2010 by Dr Graham Harley Woolford and Stephen Conway, both veterans of business and the insurance industry.  Their aim was simple: they wished to create a truly global insurance provider, offering organisations and individuals wherever they are in the world the most extensive range of products in the most competitive - and accessible - manner. 

Unilife is a cohesive and tight-knit orgaisation.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and on hiring leaders in our field, enabling us to concentrate on providing our clients with the best possible products and service: 

  • Group Life, Individual Life and Disability insurance products
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Remaining true to our motto of 'Treating clients fairly'


Our dynamic and motivated team is made up of a host of specialists chosen to ensure that our service is always professional, seamless, speedy and flexible.  We comprise : 

  • In-house actuaries
  • Insurance professionals
  • Product developers
  • Relationship managers 
  • Service directors 
  • Computer programmers 
  • Web designers
  • Administration and finance personnel 

At the core of our team, overseeing and managing our operations, are our founding partners, Dr Graham Harley Woolford and Stephen Conway.

AT UNILIFE, WE VALUE THE close and constant communications between all members OF OUR DEDICATED TEAM.  tHIS ensurES that the service provided to our intermediaries - and thence to our clients - comprises THE PROFESSIONALISM THAT IS the very essence of our business.